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Post-trade: The growing need to invest in derivatives post-trade

We need to talk post-trade The problem with the status quo Even before the spring 2020 volatility, the need to invest in post-trade infrastructure across the sell-side was becoming widely accepted. Investment in the back-office has lagged that of the front-office for decades. In some institutions, front-office systems capable of executing thousands of trades a […]

Death by Cyber Attack:

Death by Cyber Attack Webinar Report Financial services are among the most attractive targets for cyber attackers and most industry reports rank it as the premier industry risk. Adversaries offering their customisable malware strains or services-for-hire on the dark web are contributing to a rise in the adoption of more modern Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures […]

The Future of Work: Reimagining business as usual

Even before the COVID-19 crisis hit, major shifts were under way in how businesses and their employees work. This report on ‘the Future of Work’ from Verizon investigates to what degree companies have been preparing themselves for the future, and how their efforts have been affected by the crisis. More than 1,700 senior executives in […]

What ever happened to Blockchain?

What ever happened to Blockchain Webinar Report What ever happened to Blockchain? Development of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies/assets are ongoing. There have been a lot of Blockchain projects started, but we have yet to see wholesale take up in the Financial Markets. How have things progressed? ISITC EUROPE in association with the CISI, held a live […]

CSDR – Impacts on the buy-side

CSDR – Impacts on the buy-side When fully implemented, it could be argued that Central Securities Depositories Regulation (CSDR) will have had the biggest impact on the post-trade life cycle. HSBC have prepared a guide for asset owners and managers explaining why, how and what CSDR is about, focusing particularly on settlement efficiency, to help […]

Developing Standards Across Cloud Services Report

Cloud enables innovation but adoption in Capital Markets remains low – why? ISITC EUROPE  organised a workshop on the 10th March, kindly hosted by the CISI The panel of experts included  Cloudsoft and AFME, who explore this topic. A preview of the video can be found on the Cloud Standards Forum and a report written […]