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The Senior Managers And Certification Regime (SMCR):1 Year On Webinar Recording

On the 9 December 2019, the Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SMCR) became applicable to all Financial Services and Markets Act (FSMA) authorised firms; including banks, building societies, asset managers, investment firms, insurers, mortgage providers, consumer credit firms and sole traders. So 1 year on, given the interruptions in 2020 and the FCA enabled ‘3 […]

Is Green Finance Really Clean Finance Webinar Recording

  Is Green Finance really Clean Finance or are there still brown undertones? Green Finance is rapidly becoming a mainstream component of investment activity at every level, with Green Bonds and loans forming a significant presence in Investors’ portfolios. But is Green Finance really Clean Finance or are there still brown undertones? Our panel of leading Green […]

Solving The Problem Of Reference Data Webinar Recording

Solving the Problem of Reference Data  The problem of reference data, in terms of  “dirty data”, has been estimated to cost the industry between 15% -25% of  its revenue, but improving the quality has posed significant challenges for the industry for decades. Despite investment in new technologies and collaborations across the financial markets. The ability […]

Whatever Happened To Blockchain Webinar Recording

Blockchain and distributed ledger technology came to the fore with the appearance and growth of cryptocurrencies, so whatever happened to blockchain? The narrative that started spreading at some point in 2013 was that blockchain technology should be decoupled from bitcoin, and used for more than exchanging digital currency. Cryptocurrency units could be inscribed with additional […]

Is Your Home The New Office Webinar Recording

Cybersecurity: Is your home the new office? “Working From Home” exposes the security landscape of your organisation: In this session our experts, Jason Harrell, Executive Director, Technology Risk Management, Head of Business and Government Cybersecurity Partnerships, Aman Sood, Chair, ISITC EUROPE Cybersecurity Forum and Michael Cheshire,  CX Transformation EMEA, Verizon Enterprise Solutions talk about how COVID-19 has proven […]

Death By Cyber Attack Webinar Recording

Death by Cyber Attack Webinar The ability of cyber threats to compromise information systems is an ongoing danger to all organisations, however  an emerging threat presents a new challenge, cyber-attacks that may cause physical harm to systems with the potential to kill the business. Financial services are among the most attractive targets for cyber attackers […]

Developing Standards Across Cloud Services Video

Cloud enables innovation but adoption in Capital Markets remains low – why? [If you were unable to attend this interesting workshop entitled ‘Developing Standards across Cloud Services’, a recording is now available for Members to view via the Members Only Area. Members should log in to enable access.] We hosted a joint workshop on Developing […]