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Treasury/FX/Prefunding Roundtable Summary & Recommendations

A T+1 Forum Event hosted by EY Treasury/FX/Prefunding Roundtable Summary & Recommendations   In the second of the ISITC Europe T+1 Forum series of roundtables, kindly hosted by EY on the 1st November, industry participants focused on the FX impact of T+1. This post-event summary highlights some of the challenges to FX that will arise from the transition […]

Settlement Initiation T+1 Forum Roundtable Summary & Recommendations

A T+1 Forum Event hosted by EY Settlement Initiation T+1 Forum Round Table Summary & Recommendations   In this ISITC Europe T+1 Forum round table session, kindly hosted by EY on the 11th October, 2023. Industry leaders from both buy and sell side discussed how T+1 will impact settlement initiation, including affirmations and allocations. This was the first […]

Post event review on T+1 Settlement – a race against time

A T+1 Forum Event hosted by EY Post event review on T+1 Settlement – a race against time The North American move to trade date plus one (T+1) settlement on May 28, 2024, will have the greatest impact on global capital markets in over a decade. The effects of this change will reverberate in different […]

Is the Home Worker the new Frontline in Security?

The growth in home working has been predicted for many years, however it has often been limited to those who work in the technology sector, or been a requirement for those who travel extensively and hence need the ability to work anywhere, rather than just at home. I remember meeting with a leading communications company […]

Mental & Physical Health fighting Cybercrime

In the recent ISITC Europe webcast ‘Is your home the new Office’, eminent panel members from the world of cybersecurity, including the DTCC and Verizon discussed amongst other things, the role of mental/physical health in fighting Cybercrime, due to the increased threat posed due to  a home or remote working environment. Lockdown from Covid 19 […]

Stock Borrowing: What it is and why?

By Roy Zimmerhansl At its most basic level, Stock Borrowing is the temporary transfer of an asset from an owner to a borrower in return for a fee, with risk managed through the provision of collateral and governed by standard industry documentation. Borrowing stock for the purpose of satisfying settlement obligations occurs in over 40 […]

Why most Institutional Investors still don’t Lend

Why most Institutional Investors still don’t Lend By Roy Zimmerhansl Why most Institutional Investors don’t lend! At first glance, the €21 trillion of securities available for loan at the end of 2019 seems a large figure and indeed it is. However, by various estimates, the total amount of institutionally managed assets was above €60 trillion […]