The City Chronicles is a series of one-on-one video interviews, with existing and ex professionals that have had a long career within the financial services community. The aim is to build a historical library of personal experiences of people that have worked in the financial services industry, covering the 1960s, 70s, 80s, 90s through to the year 2000. The City Chronicles can be a valuable resource for people entering financial services. Or even those that are already forging a career. These interviews will help them to understand the history of the industry they are working in. Gain knowledge from people who have succeeded in their career, whilst dealing with obstacles created by different unforeseen events.

The personal experiences that people provide in the City Chronicles can also be used for educational purposes by the Students Society. These vlogs may be sponsored, but ISITC Europe will not allow its content to be manipulated for commercial benefit.

ISITC Europe will invite people to participate from all parts of the industry, covering many different roles. The participants will be interviewed in a conversational style to encourage personal anecdotes about people, organisations or events that influenced or impacted their career. To help build a picture and bring to life, for the audience, the history and culture of the City through the different decades.

ISITC Europe aims to make the City Chronicles library available to Museums and Universities for study. To provide students with a verbal, historical understanding of the City through the eyes of the people that helped shape today’s financial markets.

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Interview with Herbie Skeete

Herbie Skeete has been a leading figure in ‘the City’ since the late seventies.  Embarking on a hugely successful career, spanning the development and introduction of new technologies, which were the forerunner of what we recognise today. Herbie gives his personal recollections and views, through this dynamic period of development and change in the City, […]