ISITC Europe CIC is a non-profit industry body and a catalyst for collaborative innovation within the capital markets.

We facilitate a community representing all operational functions, from firms spanning the entire capital market ecosystem with the ultimate aim of reducing the time and effort it takes to implement change in your organisation with better, longer-lasting outcomes.

We do this by helping your employees to make sense of the challenges and opportunities that have the greatest impact and make a real difference, and we empower you to devise a game plan for embedding more seamless positive change within your organisation.

No other community of interest company embraces collaborative innovation across horizontal boundaries in the same way as ISITC Europe.

Under the ISITC Europe Innovation Accelerator framework, we unite all facets of the capital markets ecosystem over shared challenges and opportunities. Creating the space to explore diverse thinking and facilitating a roadmap for successful change, we strengthen our member organisations and indeed the capital markets sector as a whole.

ISITC Europe has a long history of helping to introduce innovation into the Capital Markets. Click here to find out more about our origin.

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Comprised of leading executives, the International Securities Association for Institutional Trade Communication (ISITC) brings together broker/dealers, custodians, investment managers, vendors/utilities and other industry professionals to develop standards that are designed to enhance efficiencies in trade processing and related communications. Through collaboration, ISITC’s volunteer members reduce inefficiencies, lower risk and build shareholder value while developing and promoting the global securities industry. Visit ISITC U.S.