The T+1 Settlement Forum
The goal of the T+1 settlement forum is to enable members to understand how a shorter settlement cycle in the global capital markets will impact their firm, systems and processes. As the major global capital markets move to T+1 or T 0 all the different firms that make up the settlement eco system will need to plan and adapt. This can be accomplished by engaging with practitioners across the Capital Markets post trade ecosystem, to focus on operational and business processes that can be, practically, introduced to enable real-time settlement activities.
T+1 settlement forum members will gain knowledge from events and engagement with academia, via ISITC Europe’s funded research output. The T+1 settlement forum will provide a dedicated platform for post-trade leaders from across the financial markets spectrum, bringing together the buy side, sell side and those firms that underpin the capital markets.. To facilitate engagement of thought leadership, practical knowledge and collaboration in order to share best practice and drive operational efficiency. A focus area will be innovation, as an enabler of efficiency, to support the industry in increasing automation.
The Global Securities Markets have many different organisations trying to bring efficiencies in post trade operations. However, this forum aims to stimulate debate between firms in both the wholesale and retail markets to produce better operation by understanding the impacts of change across the whole of the supply chain.
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Next T+1 Settlement Forum Event

Cross Market Round Table Discussions hosted by EY – In association with the CISI, IA and PIMFA

Edinburgh June 2024

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T+1 Settlement Forum Sessions

The T+1 Settlement Forum invites participation and discussion between individuals across the whole of the Capital Markets ecosystem, who have an interest in T+1 and Post-trade. The forum will aim to work actively with other trade associations and institutions to help to deliver education, communication, and the latest information for the advancement of the ISITC Europe Community.


  • A series of workshops and round table discussions are planned, it is anticipated that some of these will take the form of hybrid events to enable global participation.
  • Discussions (held under the Chatham House Rule to facilitate a free and frank exchange of views and ideas). Participation will be by invitation only to senior executives and numbers will be limited to enable better social interaction.

Outcome from T+1 Settlement Forum Sessions

A post discussion summary will be created by ISITC Europe, which will be made available to participants and may be distributed on a wider scale when appropriate.

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ISITC Europe invites individuals and corporates from across the capital markets ecosystem to enable a joined-up approach, if you are not currently a member of ISITC Europe you are welcome to apply for membership.

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