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ISITC Europe Country Ambassadors Can 'Make A Difference'
The ISITC Europe Country Ambassador initiative is for individuals who operate in the UK & European Capital Markets. Country Ambassadors represent their nations view on how changes in Capital Markets will potentially impact their domestic markets and be a channel to brief others on innovation and developments which are occurring locally. They can pass on their knowledge, experience and skills to the next generation of young people, coming into the industry.
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Our Ambassadors

Fabian Vandenreydt (Belgium)
François Barthelemy (France)
Sophie Bertin
Sophie Bertin (Switzerland)
Thibault Gobert (France)
François Masquelier
François Masquelier (Luxembourg)
Michael Völter
Michael Völter (Germany)
Ben van der Velpen
Ben van der Velpen (The Netherlands)

What Is A Country Ambassador?

A Country Ambassador will play a key role within ISITC Europe, representing their local jurisdiction. Typically, a Country Ambassador will have/or would have had a senior role within the Capital Markets and would like to use their experience to play a wider industry role.

ISITC Europe will provide a platform to table local issues and challenges, to inform a wider audience and explore resolutions with a cross-market community. Ambassadors will be briefed regularly on industry issues and developments to enable them to take a thought leadership position within their community.

Each Ambassador will be a part of the ISITC Europe Council of Country Ambassadors chaired by the ISITC Europe Director of Community Development for Continental Europe. This forum will share innovation, best practice, socialise issues and propose resolutions.

This is a voluntary high profile role, which can be developed within your local jurisdiction

ISITC Europe Councils

County Ambassadors can set up their own Advisory Council within their jurisdictions to embrace perspectives from different stakeholders in the market and have access to specific areas of expertise.

All Council members must be registered with and approved by the main ISITC Europe Board. The chair of each council will sit on the ISITC Europe Advisory Board

Why become an ISITC Europe Country Ambassador?

The financial services industry is critical to the future of economic success within Europe and the rest of the world. It is the foundation on which the success of all other industries is built. Being a Country Ambassador will give you an opportunity to influence its future.

Being a recognised achiever in one’s industry means that you have invested significant time and personal effort to build a portfolio of knowledge and understanding in your domain. As a Country Ambassador you will have an opportunity to leverage that knowledge and give back your experience to a new generation, who are following in your footsteps. Being an Ambassador will provide you with the opportunity to influence your stakeholder community and become a catalyst to drive greater efficiencies and innovations across the industry. It will enable you to support the education and understanding of those who are working both within the industry and externally, to the wider community.

All industries are looking for ways to create a more sustainable environment and financial eco system. Being a Country Ambassador will enable you to be part of that movement. It also provides you with an opportunity to be promoted as a recognised leader within the Capital Markets community, to attend, participate in and host industry events and to be an agent of change.

On a personal basis, it will provide an additional network of colleagues from across the industry, enabling you to broaden your personal understanding of areas outside your own domain, to build your industry profile and support your own professional development.

If you are a thought leader and mover and shaker with a senior role in the capital markets industry
If You wish to leverage your experience and network in your country (and beyond) to build and expand the ISITC community in continental Europe
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