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ISITC Europe Ambassadors Can 'Make A Difference'
The ISITC Europe Ambassadors ‘Make A Difference’ programme is targeted at those companies and individuals who operate in the UK & European Capital Markets. Those who want to pass on their knowledge, experience and skills to the next generation of young people, coming into the industry.
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Who Is It For?


ISITC Europe Ambassadors HR

Who want to offer employees a chance to broaden their horizons or for those leaving work, as a way to “give back” and share their talents.


ISITC Europe Ambassadors CPD

Individuals currently working in financial services, who want to “give back”.as part of their continuing professional development,


ISITC Europe Ambassador Retirees

Seasoned professionals who are planning to retire or just retired and want to “give back” and retain contact with their former colleagues


ISITC Europe Ambassadors ESG

Firms with Environmental Social Governance policies that include engagement with young people, who want to see real results.

How We Engage With Students

Ambassadors engage with Students in a number of different ways:
• Participating in video interviews by students for broadcast to the student community and beyond.
• Giving talks on aspects of the industry and their careers.
• Managing the relationship with a particular school, college or university.
• Participating in the programme planning process.
• Assisting to produce or edit material for students
• In specific cases coaching and mentoring.
• Speaking to industry participants about engaging with the programme.
• Assisting with visits to firms or institutions.
• Identifying internships and job placement opportunities.

What Is The Ambassadors 'Make a Difference' Programme About?

There is common recognition that there is a growing skills gap.  Also that the Industry needs to become more diverse. Improving Social Mobility and Diversity in the Capital Markets are important aims for ISITC Europe. The Student Society programme will help to address this issue. It is designed to be complementary in supporting existing projects for other likeminded organisations. However, like our community, it encompasses the whole of the Capital Markets ecosystem, rather than just one specific industry sector or type of firm. ISITC Europe Ambassadors can help facilitate engagement with the industry.

When Will I Be Needed?

Being an Ambassador is a voluntary role. Volunteers can fit activities around their own schedules. Ambassadors have a choice of what and how many activities they undertake. Ambassadors will be asked to provide feedback and may provide suggestions on how the Student Programme can be improved through Quarterly meetings of the Ambassadors group or direct contact with the admin team.

Where Will ISITC Europe Ambassadors Need To Travel To?

We currently have links to schools, colleges and universities, in and around Greater London. Providing students with knowledge about, and access to the Capital Markets. However, if Ambassadors have links to other educational institutions, who they want to work with or are already working with, we would be delighted to add them to the Students Society.

It should be noted that it is our intention to extend the Student Society Program further to encompass other areas in the UK and Europe.

Why Do We Need You To Be An ISITC Europe Ambassador?

This is a big remit.

  • So if you have drive and initiative.
  • Are happy to engage with your colleagues/former colleagues, schools/colleges or universities to help ‘Make A Difference’ and “give back”.
  • Want to encourage and enable social mobility and diversity within the Capital Markets.
  • Want to help educate the next generation.


The first step is to submit an application and we will aim to contact you within 24 hours to discuss and answer any questions.
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