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post-trade report

‘The growing need to invest in derivatives post-trade

Even before the spring 2020 volatility, the need to invest in post-trade infrastructure across the sell-side was becoming widely accepted. Investment in the back-office has lagged .. read more


Cyber Attack write up cover

Death by Cyber Attack Webinar Report

Financial services are among the most attractive targets for cyber attackers and most industry reports rank it as the premier industry risk. The report outlining some of the discussions and conclusions of the live web cast, written by Aman Sood, Chair, ISITC Cybersecurity Forum is now available to download.

The future of Work

The Future of Work: Reimagining business as usual

Even before the COVID-19 crisis hit, major shifts were under way in how businesses and their employees work. This report on ‘the Future of Work’ from Verizon investigates to what degree companies have been preparing ..

What ever happened to Blockchain

What ever happened to Blockchain?

Post ISITC/CISI webinar report written in association with FST Network now available.

CSDR Report

CSDR – Impacts on the buy-side

HSBC have prepared a guide for asset owners and managers explaining why, how and what CSDR is about, focusing particularly on settlement efficiency, to help navigate the impact of CSDR implementation.

Developing standards across cloud services

Developing Cloud Standards

Post ISITC/CISI workshop report written by Cloudsoft now available.


Home Working Cybersecurity

Is the home worker the new frontline in Security?

The growth in home working has been predicted for many years, however it has often been limited to those who work in the technology sector, or been a requirement for those who travel extensively and hence need the ability to work anywhere, rather than just at home … read more

Mental Health Cybercrime

Mental & Physical Health fighting Cybercrime

In the recent ISITC Europe webcast ‘Is your home the new Office’, eminent panel members from the world of cybersecurity, including the DTCC and Verizon discussed amongst other things, the role of mental/physical health in fighting Cybercrime, due to the increased threat posed due to  a home or remote working environment.. read more

Why most institutional investors still don't lend

Why most Institutional Investors still don’t lend. By Roy Zimmerhansl

At first glance the €21 trillion of securities available for loan at the end of 2019 seems a large figure and indeed it is. However, by various estimates … read more

Stock Borrowing what is it and why? By Roy Zimmerhansl

At its most basic level, stock borrowing is the temporary transfer of an asset from an owner to a borrower in return for a fee, with risk managed …read more


Digital Transformation

Digital Platform Conductor tools – an innovative solution to the complexity crisis

So what actually is a Digital Platform Conductor tool? At the highest level …read more

Digital Operational Resilience

Digital Operational Resilience – a blessing in disguise?

Downtime is expensive. The average cost of unplanned application downtime at Tier One financial institutions exceeds $2.5bn every more

LEIs Legal Entity Identifiers

Formula three LEIs still not fast enough!

After many years of this torturous country by country crawl, the capital markets have been unable to introduce LEIs on a wide enough scale to make them as … read more

Data Sharing Utility

Data Sharing Utility odds shorten

Reference data, the vitally important data that relates to efficient settlement of financial transactions was highlighted during the panel discussion. The panel debated legacy data supply chains and the difficulty of retaining data quality, as the data moves between a myriad of databases. It was mused that the ultimate solution could be a Data Sharing Utility, which … read more

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Why haven’t we seen the wholesale adoption of Blockchain across the financial services sector? Or is that really happening? This ISITC live webinar hosted by the CISI is now available to watch in full by logging into the Members Area. Non members may view the video snippet below.

Developing Cloud Standards

Cloud enables innovation but adoption in Capital Markets remains low – why?

We hosted a joint workshop on the 10th March alongside Cloudsoft and AFME, hosted by CISI, to explore this and surrounding themes. The full video can be accessed via the members area.

Non members may view the video snippet below.