ISITC Europe CIC is a non-profit industry body and a catalyst for collaborative innovation within the capital markets. We bring together a diverse community from across the capital markets ecosystem for a joined-up approach, so that we are all better equipped to navigate the rapidly changing financial markets.
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Our Advisory Board

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board comprises of a group of invited senior industry professionals from across the industry. Who bring a depth of knowledge and experience to provide the route map for the direction and focus of ISITC Europe’s activities.

Our Ambassadors


ISITC Europe Ambassadors are individuals who want to pass on their knowledge, experience and skills to the next generation of young people, coming into the industry.

Our Student Society

Student Society

The Student Society is open to students from 15+. It is designed to be complementary to any existing programs, within the UK and European Capital Markets ecosystem

Our Members


ISITC Europe facilitates a community spanning the capital markets ecosystem. Including: Regulated firms, structure organisations, technology vendors, service providers, regulators, universities/colleges/schools, students and professional bodies.

Forthcoming Events

2023 Edinburgh

The move to T+1 – measuring the impact on Market Resilience

Industry Research Consultation

ISITC Europe has been commissioned by the SWIFT Institute to conduct academic research into the impacts of a shortened settlement cycle in Global Capital Markets. This event entitled ‘ The move to T+1 – measuring the impact on Market Resilience’ has been organized as part of this research.

Our Innovation Forums

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ISITC EUROPE is establishing New Innovation Forums on: Blockchain/DLT/Crypto, Cloud Services, Cybersecurity, Data, Post Trade and Regulations & Compliance to identify, research, develop, advise and promote best practice guidelines, white paper commentary and solution identification in support of operational efficiency and education. Click on icons below to learn more ...

Blockchain, DLT, Crypto
Cloud Services
Cybersecurity forum
Data Forum
ESG Forum
Post Trade
Regulation & Compliance




We champion knowledge sharing and bring you the very latest thinking on industry shifting themes, with an event and digital platform for education and debate. We invite all our members to contribute to the knowledge pool, so we all benefit from insight, perspectives and ideas from a diverse community. Read our latest Articles, Blogs and Reports below.

Is the Home Worker the new Frontline in Security?

The growth in home working has been predicted for many ...

Mental & Physical Health fighting Cybercrime
Stock Borrowing: What it is and why?

By Roy Zimmerhansl
At its most basic level, Stock ...

Why most Institutional Investors still don’t Lend

Why most Institutional Investors still don't Lend
By ...

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The Regulator should regulate infrastructure


Following the debut of the Digital Operational ...

T+1 settlement in the UK/Europe straightforward ?


As you may have seen, in the US the SEC ...

Why multi-asset post-trade now?

The diversification of institutional investments into ...

Digital Platform Conductor tools – an innovative solution to the complexity crisis

Accelerated digital transformation is driving increasingly ...

Digital Operational Resilience – a blessing in disguise?

Downtime is expensive. The average cost of unplanned ...

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Solving the post-trade transparency challenge
Post-trade Alpha Discussion Paper
Post Trade Forum June 2021 Discussion Outcome

The inaugural meeting of the ISITC Europe post ...

Death by Cyber Attack

The ability of cyber threats to compromise information ...

The Future of Work: Reimagining business as usual
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We invite all our members to contribute to the knowledge pool, so we all benefit from insight, perspectives and ideas from a diverse community. This includes the sharing of information through reports and white papers.


We provide a neutral, collaborative and vibrant environment for education, debate and collaboration so colleagues, peers and vendors can drive change collectively. Through our Forums and events. Recordings of previous webinars are available now available. Click here to see all available webinar recordings  Or use the links below for specific webinars.

The Senior Managers And Certification Regime (SMCR):1 Year On Webinar Recording
Is Green Finance Really Clean Finance Webinar Recording
Solving The Problem Of Reference Data Webinar Recording
Whatever Happened To Blockchain Webinar Recording
Is Your Home The New Office Webinar Recording
Death By Cyber Attack Webinar Recording
Developing Standards Across Cloud Services Video

Video Insights & Podcasts

As part of its mission to promote operational efficiency in the global financial markets, we have instigated a programme of podcasts and video interviews to provide Education, Innovation and Exchange of Information to our members and the wider community.


TalkTime is a series of one on one podcasts, targeted at senior professionals, within the financial services community. The aim is to assist our members and the wider community to keep up to date with important topics or issues of the day.


These educational interviews provide students with the opportunity to interview people in the Capital Markets. Interviewees talk about their career journey, current role and may offer advice for those considering a career in the industry.


The City Chronicles is a series of video interviews, with professionals that have had a long career in financial services. Building a historical record of personal experiences of; events, influencers  and changes during the 1960s, 70s, 80s, 90s to 2000.