ISITC Europe TalkTime is a series of one on one podcasts, targeted at senior professionals, within the financial services community. The aim is to assist them in keeping up to date with the important topics or issues of the day. In addition, these podcasts can be used for educational purposes by the ISITC Europe Students Society. The Podcasts may be sponsored, but ISITC Europe will not allow its content to be manipulated for commercial benefit.

ISITC Europe will research specific issues through consultation with it’s Advisory Board, Ambassadors, Forums, Partner Organisations or through in-house industry knowledge and expertise. These podcasts will feature international contributors from time to time, to broaden the understanding of its membership, at both an individual and corporate level.

ISITC Europe will source industry experts to provide top quality analysis of the topic for TalkTime, with reliable content that the audience will prize. ISITC Europe will aim to showcase the expertise of its members from within the Capital Markets. But may supplement this where relevant with  individuals from other firms, associations or business schools etc  that have the appropriate knowledge on the chosen topic. This will include; academia, research firms, software vendors, regulators and structural organisations. Wherever the expertise resides ISITC Europe will find it, to enable a wider exchange of knowledge and information for the benefit of the whole of the financial services ecosystem.

Topics will include issues related to; Environmental/Social/Governance aspects of ESG, Data, Cloud, Blockchain/DLT, Innovation, Crypto currencies/assets, Regulations, Operational challenges, SWIFT, Standards and Cybersecurity.

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ISITC TALKTIME: Getting to grips with resilience in the Cloud

ISITC TalkTime Podcast: Getting to grips with resilience in the Cloud ISITC Europe talks to Alasdair Hodge, Chief Architect at Cloudsoft about getting to grips resilience in the Cloud. This Podcast is a source of important information, for senior professionals, within Capital Markets firms. Enabling them to understand, some of the benefits and uses of […]

ISITC TALKTIME: Post-Trade Efficiency and Transformation

ISITC TalkTime Podcast: Post-Trade Efficiency and Transformation ISITC Europe talks to Bob Santangelo from Broadridge about the need for post-trade efficiency and transformation. The discussion centres around the impact that the global pandemic has had on the need for banks and brokers to transform their processes to achieve greater post trade efficiency. Which has been exacerbated […]