ISITC Europe welcomes members from across the entire Capital Markets ecosystem, so every individual within our member firms can benefit from the ISITC Europe Innovation Accelerator Framework. Together, we can deliver enormous value, empowering you and your employees to drive change across your organisation. Uniting all facets of the Capital Markets over shared questions. With the ISITC Europe Innovation Accelerator Framework

We challenge boundaries – We prioritise real impact – We champion knowledge – We facilitate collaboration – We shape best practice – We accelerate innovation.


We facilitate cross-silo collaboration, assembling colleagues, peers, vendors and academia spanning the capital markets ecosystem and across different functions.

We help you to understand the bigger picture that underpins successful cross-functional collaboration – vital for cohesive change and innovation.

We encourage counterparties to develop joined-up solutions so we are all better equipped to navigate the rapidly changing financial markets.


Our advisory board and stakeholders are at the forefront of the industry, and ensure we remain relevant, focused and effective in delivering our mission and vision.

We address the industry’s most pressing questions and empower you to make strategic decisions on where to focus your attention in a rapidly changing world.

We help you to make better sense of the challenges and opportunities that will have the greatest impact and make a real difference to your organisation.


We champion knowledge sharing and bring you the very latest thinking on industry shifting themes, with an event and digital platform for education and debate.

We invite all our members to contribute to the knowledge pool, so we all benefit from insight, perspectives and ideas from a diverse community.

We initiate academic and research initiatives to help deepen our understanding on matters relating to key trends, challenges and opportunities.


We provide a neutral, collaborative and vibrant environment for education, debate and collaboration so colleagues, peers and vendors can drive change collectively.

We encourage a holistic approach to developing solutions – spanning both industry and functional silos – so you can reap the rewards of collaborative change.

We work closely with and support other industry bodies (at home and overseas) for the benefit of the sector, to ensure we complement (not duplicate or conflict).


We bring together relevant influencers, thought leaders and academia to share the very latest thinking and ideas, and explore emerging trends and future vision.

We encourage the member community to share experiences, successes and issues, so collectively we can explore a roadmap to change that will fast track success.

We leverage the community to define best practice, specifications, standards, processes, techniques and technologies that can be easily replicated and embedded.


We bring the community together in a collaborative manner to help you shape your game plan for leveraging key industry developments and opportunities.

We give you access to the resources so you can more easily adopt new concepts, embed change and de-risk innovation, and ultimately help you to accelerate success.

With a collaborative innovation mindset, we bridge the gap of knowledge, understanding and cooperation between silos for a faster, smoother path for change.