Solving Reputational Risk in ESG Ratings for the Board

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Solving Reputational Risk in ESG Ratings for the Board

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Reputational Risk in ESG

Solving Reputational Risk in ESG Ratings for the Board

Tuesday 5th December 2023

Time: 16:00 – 18:00

Location: The Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment, 20 Fenchurch street, London, EC3M 3BY

ISITC Europe in association with the CISI is hosting a special round table to discuss and offer resolutions on how to reduce the reputational risk, currently faced by Issuers and Investors due to ESG and sustainability ratings.

Companies spend a great deal of time, effort and money to ensure that any independent rating is as accurate as possible. so that investors and the capital markets have a secure foundation for their research and analysis. One of the greatest frustrations felt by Issuers and Investors is the lack of transparency and confusing array of ratings, produced by over 200 registered rating agencies and a growing number of other outlets, which despite using the same source data, produce variable outcomes. Unfortunately, ESG has exacerbated the problem, as ratings now extend beyond governance into social and environmental data, which requires far greater management and control. Managing the many ratings published throughout the media, is yet another challenge. With Investors increasingly looking to invest in sustainable funds, ratings that are inaccurate, or too subjective can be very damaging. Technology can clearly play a pivotal role in providing a solution.

This round table discussion aims to hone in on the requirements of sustainability officers and those with ESG responsibilities and provide the tools to enable the resolution of some of the questions asked below.

  • What can sustainability officers do to protect their Company’s reputation to ensure the markets and investors are better served?
  • What can sustainability officers do to ratify sustainability targets and ESG policies are being met to the Executive board and Investors?
  • How can companies create a data benchmark for ongoing future measurement to document improvements in their policies?
  • How can companies benchmark their rating performance against selected competitors?
  • How can companies control rating outcomes in the media?

Moderator: Gary Wright, Director of Industry Affairs, ISITC Europe