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ISITC Europe – Spring 2017 CEO Update

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As we all put the winter attire in storage for the Spring and Summer months, I would welcome an opportunity to provide some exciting updates to ISITC Europe as well as invite you to our next General Meeting on the 25th May at Standard Chartered Bank in the City of London.


I would firstly like to thank all attendees and supporters of the AGM held in January. We had over 120 senior attendees from Fund Management, Fintech, Brokers, Custodians and Universities. This was the first AGM held under the new ISITC Europe structure and was funded through sponsorship from DTCC and Volante but underwritten by ISITC Europe funds. Access to the event was free and the whole day was very well attended as were the cocktails in the evening. For us to run these events and provide value to the industry and our Members, we will need funding from the Financial Community.

The event was a spectacular success and a great start to the year covering topics as diverse as Brexit, Regulation, Leadership, Standards and a unique glimpse into the new Asset Management world. Details of the speeches and comments from the attendees can be found here.

We are already planning for the AGM in January 2018 and can offer large discounts to sponsors who sign up in the coming weeks who would like to discuss their solutions with a focused audience.

Leadership Group

With the ISITC Europe membership base increasing by over 50% and attendees to virtual and face to face forums reaching over 150 participants, the governance model required some attention as the workload increased in 2017. To this end, I am thrilled to announce the following new IELG Members for 2017 that will work alongside the current executive:

  • Rob Scott – Strategic advisor to the CEO
  • Professor John Gavin – ISITC Europe Academic Forum Chair
  • Rob Morel – ISITC Europe Academic Forum Co-Chair
  • Martin Sexton – Standards Co-Chair

We are in the process of completing the full IELG and will announce when known.


Our new website provides us with a digital presence linking with social media and multi-channel experience and I would encourage all to visit the site for information and contribute to the content.

One of the areas we have identified which is changing rapidly in our industry is marketing. The move to digital marketing impacts not only the industry but bodies like ISITC Europe. We have a workforce looking at this area and will publish any changes to our approach in the coming months. I certainly see new opportunities for suppliers of services working in collaboration with ISITC Europe in the coming months and years as we move to online, digital and networked solutions.


Lastly, I recently visited the US to represent ISITC Europe at our industry Cousin’s annual event in Boston. What struck me most was the alignment that our agenda in Europe has with the US focus. The challenges are very similar and there are certainly some exciting technology opportunities for ISITC to provide a platform for Members in Europe and North America to collaborate. To this end I have written to the Chair of ISITC North America to offer my time to help build stronger ties at the Board and Working Group levels.

Next General Meeting

I do hope that you will join a very exciting program on the 25th May, full details of which can be found here:
ISITC Europe General Meeting Registration >>>

Nigel D Solkhon