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ISITC Europe set to survey its members

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London, 24th October, 2011 – ISITC Europe, the industry group dedicated to improving the operational efficiency of the global financial industry, today announced that it is set to undertake a wide ranging industry survey.

The survey, which is being undertaken by ISITC partner, City IQ, will poll the organization’s membership and the wider market. It will determine the extent to which industry practitioners are aware of the role of ISITC Europe and help determine where the group will focus its efforts.

The research is based around the subject matter of the ISITC Europe annual conference, and the results will be unveiled at the event on Friday November 18th at The Royal Bank of Scotland’s head office in London.

Graeme Austin, chief executive of ISITC Europe, explains:

“We want to be at the centre of the conversation around the important issues that the industry is facing. Part of the thinking behind this listening exercise is to ensure we are in the most informed position possible to give members a voice and allow them to help shape the direction of initiatives that will affect the industry. The findings of the survey will ensure that our focus, thinking and events are all highly relevant and extremely attractive to the community we serve.”

The ISITC annual conference is set to provide new and existing members with information from, and debate between, some of the industry’s most prominent thought leaders including representatives from HSBC, Ernst & Young, Finetix, SWIFT, Threadneedle Asset Management and Omgeo, among many others.