Draft Proposal for OASIS BlockbenchIT Technical Committee

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Draft Proposal for OASIS BlockbenchIT Technical Committee

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ISITC Europe has signed a MoU with OASIS Open based in North America but with offices worldwide . They specialise in creating open standards and lobbying for standards to ISO amongst others. The ISITC Europe Blockchain DLT Working Group has now merged with the OASIS Open Blockchain Technical Committee under a BlockBenchIT-draft-charter. The Charter is deliberately broad taking the form of a framework that are key to successful implementation. The framework list incorporated in the Charter was created by the ISITC Europe Blockchain DLT WG  and publicised last year.

The initial work of the joint OASIS Open ISITC Europe Blockchain Technical Committee will be to put a clear definition on the headings within the framework. It is likely that some of these will spawn new committee of domain experts in due course. So the road is likely to be a long one.

ISITC Europe is calling for comments from its members to agree the Charter and framework and provide comments in support or if there are any missing elements. All your feedback is invaluable and will be considered.

ISITC Europe also wishes to gain volunteers to serve on the merged OASIS Open and ISITC Europe committees. The work required and timescales will be established at an early stage but I am expecting bi monthly meetings over WebEx with our international members that OASIS Open will introduce. I also hope to gain ISITC NA involvement in due course.

This offer to join the merged committee is open to ISITC members but we will continue to hold open meetings during the year to present the work achievements. We will also work within a similar arrangement with the British Standards Institute (BSI) to try and bring continuity. Our objective is to be a conduit of information and knowledge about Blockchain DLT  and to influence wherever we can to assist in good practice and development to Blockchain DLT.

Please contact gary.wright@isitc-europe.com with any comments or to volunteer.