B.I.S.S. Research collaborating with ISITC and London Metropolitan University

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B.I.S.S. Research collaborating with ISITC and London Metropolitan University

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London, UK, January 20th 2016 – B.I.S.S. Research, the City think tank, facilitating academic research in the financial services sector, today announced that it is collaborating with ISITC Europe to produce a series of Blockchain events for ISITC Europe members.

Blockchain has captured the imagination of software developers and business leaders over the last few years. Growing investment by Banks is fast establishing Blockchain as a fundamentally important technology for a fast evolving financial market. ISITC’s working group, created to bring to the light the real business value of Blockchain is holding its inaugural discussion forum hosted by the London Metropolitan University.

The panel discussion, consisting of renowned Blockchain analysts, Dr Pinar Emirdag and Dr Hermann Rapp, Nigel Solkhon, CEO, ISITC Europe and EMEA Head of Citi’s Execution 2 Custody (E2C) product, London Met will be moderated by Gary Wright, CEO, B.I.S.S. Research.

This forum will help to determine the scope of the ISITC Europe working group and educate upcoming business students. Taking a pragmatic view to start determining the real value of Blockchain to the business ‐ what benefits can be gained, but just as importantly what can’t. The results will be analysed and disseminated to ISITC members, who will be encouraged to take part, to challenge convention when necessary. It is hoped these forums will provide thought leadership that will increase knowledge and expertise in Blockchain, to enable beneficial developments and implementation in both private and public Blockchains.

Gary Wright, C.E.O., B.I.S.S. Research said

“Blockchain could be labelled as somewhat over‐hyped in the last year and it’s true that with so many ideas and initiatives being presented by start‐up firms in Fintech and investments by Banks, it could be seen as akin to the gold rush mentality of days of yore. However, this might be a gold rush producing only fool’s gold, unless the business community identifies true value. There is no point in the investing in Blockchain unless use cases are really qualified. There is a genuine need for a more detailed study of Blockchain, to be allied with a deep understanding of markets, processes and structures to enable real innovation be successful. BISS is delighted to be working with ISITC to help bring about increased awareness and knowledge of the clearly defined practical capabilities of Blockchain to bring about beneficial change within the financial services industry.”

Nigel Solkhon CEO ISITC Europe commented

“ISITC Europe has now set out a strong agenda for 2016 and beyond which we trust will attract new members and drive an efficiency agenda across the industry. Blockchain is seen as a catalyst for change and ISITC Europe members need to be involved in setting the agenda for change. I certainly welcome BISS and London Met as hosts of this inaugural ISITC Europe Blockchain workgroup meeting, and look forward to the groups work and output”.

Professor Stephen J Perkins, Dean of Guildhall Faculty of Business and Law at London Met said “We are happy to be hosting this forum around what is a very exciting concept that could change the financial market. It is a fantastic opportunity to have representatives of our banking society present to take part and discuss Blockchain and its impact on the financial industry along with industry experts.”