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ISITC Europe Call For New ISITC Leadership Executive Volunteer

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Following the resignation of Dr Hermann Rapp for personal reasons, we have an open position on the ISITC Europe Leadership Group (IELG) for the Head of the ISITC Europe Academic Forum (IEAF) for immediate fulfilment.

The IEAF is the most recent addition to the working groups for ISITC Europe and is reflects the leadership ISITC Europe has taken in incorporating the academic community into the Securities industry whilst exploring opportunities for joint research activities. ISITC Europe have committed to sponsor the membership of Universities to ISITC Europe (allowing access to working groups and General Meetings) and has agreed to continue this support for the next 2 years.

The IEAG leader will develop relationships with Universities and Academia forums in Europe whilst promoting the activities of the other workgroups for mutual educational benefits.

Due to more than one interested person, and as per the current ISITC Europe constitution, the next stage will be to collate the nominees and run an election within the ISITC  Europe Membership (only Member organisations can vote). The nominees will submit a brief description of their experience and commitment and these will be sent to all primary contacts at the ISITC Europe Member for voting (one vote per Member organisation).

The results will be published as soon as practicable and the new IELG member will be notified and established on the IELG (the IELG person must be from an employee/student of an ISITC Europe Member).

ISITC Europe Academic Forum (IEAF) IELG Role and Responsibilities

The IEAF IELG representative will:

  • offer their time on a voluntary/no-fee basis
  • commit to attend at least one monthly IELG meeting, 2 General meetings (morning) and 1 AGM (1 day)
  • commit to spend at least 1 day per month running the IEAF workgroup (conference calls, face to face meetings, press interviews)
  • be either employed or be a student of an existing ISITC Europe member
  • define the terms of reference for the IEAF working group
  • assign working group roles
  • provide subject matter expertise and report goals and progress to the IELG Executive and Members
  • lead the development of relationships with a targeted list of academic organisations and institutions for ISITC Europe
  • manage the current and future Universities linked to ISITC Europe and develop common areas of interest for potential research programmes
  • create opportunities for ISITC Europe to present industry activities to students and lecturers to link industry to higher education
  • develop the IEAF as a leading European community

Should you feel you would like to join the growing ISITC Europe community in a key leadership role, please contact