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The Blockchain DLT Working Group will provide a platform for the securities industry players to educate, discuss and validate the emerging Blockchain (or Distributed Ledger) technologies and its role in securities processing.

Gary Wright

Leader: Gary Wright, CEO, B.I.S.S. Research. Founder and MD, Block Asset Technologies Ltd.

Blockchain DLT Standards committee

Member involvement

The ISITC Europe Blockchain DLT Working Group invites participation and discussion. The working group takes many forms, from meetings to forums to publishing reports. If you are interested in getting involved with the working group then the best way is to apply for membership either individually or through your organisations membership.

Members may comprise named representatives from eligible participating corporations or eligible individuals registering directly with ISITC Europe. There is currently no limit to the number of persons from a single fully paid up member firm.

ISITC membership enables it’s members to be fully engaged with the group through meetings, discussions, access to reports and taking part in the Blockchain DLT Working Group forum.

Non members can take part in the group through the official ISITC Europe Blockchain Working Group Linkedin page.

Terms of reference for the Blockchain DLT Standards Committee

The developing standards in financial markets for Blockchain DLT is growing worldwide and ISITC Europe is positioned centrally to influence the design of standards for the benefit of its members. ISITC Europe signed a memorandum of understanding with OASIS Open in 2016 and is currently serving on the British Standards Institute Blockchain DLT standards initiative and two sub committees for Interoperability and Identity.

The ISITC Blockchain DLT Standards committee will provide analysis and support for these standards initiatives and others should they emerge in the future. The ISITC Website will publish information about Blockchain DLT standards to increase knowledge and enable good decision making and developments for its members . The ISITC Blockchain DLT Standards committee will be open for all members to join providing they make a serious commitment to attend meetings , review papers and respond to the needs of the terms of reference

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Next Meeting


Latest Documents

  • BSI report on “ Distributed Ledger Technologies: Challenges, opportunities and the prospects for standards”
  • BSI – DLT/1 Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology, meeting minutes 15.03.17
  • Rise Financial and Granularity Ltd:
  • DVP on DLT – Linking Cash and Securities for Delivery vs Payment Settlement in Distributed Ledger Technologies

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