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Accelerated Settlement Challenges: Stock Borrowing/Lending & Collateral/Liquidity Management

A T+1 Forum Event – Stock Borrowing/Lending & Collateral/Liquidity Management Tuesday 14th November 2023 In Association with the CISI, THE INVESTMENT ASSOCIATION and PIMFA Background Information The move to T+1 settlement in North America during 2024 and the intention indicated by the UK Accelerated Settlement Taskforce to follow suit in the UK create many business, technology and process challenges, […]

Why most Institutional Investors still don’t Lend

Why most Institutional Investors still don’t Lend By Roy Zimmerhansl Why most Institutional Investors don’t lend! At first glance, the €21 trillion of securities available for loan at the end of 2019 seems a large figure and indeed it is. However, by various estimates, the total amount of institutionally managed assets was above €60 trillion […]