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As the Financial Marketplace looks to push for the provision of the highest service levels and efficient practices, ISITC Europe is evolving with the change in operating and technology models and adapting to the increasing change. To this end, the ISITC Europe Leadership Group (IELG) has concluded that the way in which ISITC Europe best serves the industry is as a key conduit for education, debate and facilitation of views on use and impact of change in the Financial Markets. Since 1992 ISITC Europe has been an effective neutral non-for-profit forum for Financial Industry participants to meet and discuss operation, strategic and technical challenges and opportunities for mutual benefit. This has been achieved for the past 25 years through static working groups, General Meetings and an AGM where top speakers attracted over 250 industry players in January 2018.

The IELG strongly believes that this structure requires an overhaul to provide additional benefits to the ISITC Europe members and the industry at large. There has been a huge increase in the number of workshops and consortia that have emerged over the past 5 years that are hosted typically by a central consultancy or group of Banks or Buy Side players. We see that the participants of these groups tend to attend and subscribe to several of the groups and therefore duplicate work which is not the most efficient use of time and resource.

ISITC Europe Innovation Masterclass Series and ISITC Europe Markets Innovation Summit

ISITC Europe is pleased to announce its Innovation Masterclass Series and an annual Markets Innovation Summit. The Innovation Masterclass Series are a finite number of 2-3 hour workshops hosted by an ISITC Europe Partner and structured around a keynote speaker and debate of a topical and relevant theme among a select number of participants. The debate will be filmed to capture all the debate and will be reported under Chatham house rules. The output could be a whitepaper of the theme or could result in new research requirements for further investigation. All output will be publicly available and will be supplemented by research from ISITC Europe Innovation partner Universities as well as the host organisation. We plan to hold at least 3 Masterclasses in 2018 which will feed into the ISITC Europe Markets Innovation Summit in January 2019.

Current example topics include:

• AI what is it and the pros and cons of impact in financial services
• Semantic data and the move to ontologies in financial markets
• Digital assets leading to digital banks
• ISO20022 and DLT a match made in heaven or hell?

The ISITC Europe Innovation Summit will host a full day of Senior industry speakers and panellists in an interactive platform. Detailed agenda will be issued in October and access to the Summit will be open to all and will be free of charge. We plan to hold a session for the hosts of the Innovation Masterclasses to present details of their Masterclass and the conclusions reached as well as any solutions being developed or available.

As the above exciting changes to ISITC Europe will provide additional opportunities for the Financial Markets to discuss key issues in a neutral and open environment, it also allows ISITC Europe to partner with Banks, Buys Side, Sell Side, Consultancies and Technology providers through structured Masterclasses. To continue to provide open access to the Summit and produce the Masterclasses, ISITC Europe has produced a series of packages for interested parties:

Founding Summit Partner – Exclusive package for the Summit targeting larger established companies (Speaker and stand) as well as 2 Masterclasses (limited to 4 Companies)
Summit Partner – Stand space and 1 Masterclass as well as presentation of company logo and more (Limited to 4 Companies)
Incubator Partner – Targeting new entrants and Fintech companies and provides exposure to Summit attendees
Masterclass Partner – Provision and support for a Masterclass and presentation of results at the Summit
Lunch/Reception Partner – Welcome speech for Lunch and Evening reception at the Summit

Details of all the above will be accessible on the ISITC Europe website in the coming weeks but anyone interested in more details of the above please contact Nigel D Solkhon CEO at

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