Bitcoin the world’s second currency!

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Bitcoin the world’s second currency!

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An ISITC EUROPE/CISI joint Live Webcast – Bitcoin the world’s second currency!

Wednesday 24th February 12.30:13.30 (GMT)


2020 saw a huge growth of investment in Bitcoin by the world’s leading investing institutions, pushing the price of bitcoin to record levels. Other cryptocurrencies have continued to enjoy growth and no doubt new cryptocurrencies will emerge. We also heard of central banks moving to create their own digital currencies, adding stimulus to debate around digital money and private digital currencies like Facebook Diem (formerly Libra). Recently, Christine Lagarde, President of the European Central Bank stated that she thought there would be a crypto euro within 5 years.

With the world suffering from the economic shock created by covid 19, a new global, financial recovery plan may include cryptocurrencies and bitcoin, as they attract even more institutional investors, leading to the potential creation of an alternative world currency.

What issues would this create for the financial markets? What opportunities could there be in this new world order? What could be the impact on sovereign currencies? How might society be affected by the establishment of bitcoin as an mainstream currency? What regulations should be created to protect investors? Would volatility in the price of bitcoin amplify risk for investors?

Our industry experts for this live web cast are:

Igor Erker Bitcoin worlds second currency speaker

Igor Erker, Fund Manager, Zenith Investment Management

Igor has a considerable experience in managing public and private multi asset portfolios. He achieved strong out-performance to comparable benchmarks and has an extensive experience on emerging markets. Igor is considered as a leading expert in “blockhain” based assets. He was a co-founder of Columbus Capital, which built one of the largest thematic European “blockchain” investment funds. Igor holds Executive MBA Degree from the University of Cambridge, MSc in Investment Management from Cass Business School and BSc in Economics from University of Ljubljana.


Steve Webb Bitcoin world's second currency

Steve Webb

Steve has spent his career delivering strategic operational and technology change working with global financial institutions. He was a partner at Capco and PwC before retiring to become an independent consultant and advisory board member. Whilst at PwC Steve took on the role of UK Financial Services Blockchain leader, successfully establishing a new business unit. He led delivery of projects to multiple clients including a global investment bank, Lloyds of London, and the Bank of England. Steve also undertook a study on a digital currency (CBDC) for a European central bank. Steve continues to provide leadership and insight as an advisory board member at Envorso (a technology consultancy) and Alqami (an alternative data specialist). He is also an associate editor at Frontiers in Blockchain.


Maria Vigliotti Bitcoin world's second currency

Maria Vigliotti

Maria is the founder of Sandblocks Consulting, a boutique consultancy specialising in blockchain technology and  cybersecurity. She is also CEO of Gradbase a company that inserts academic qualifications on blockchain. Her career in computing spans more than twenty years, many as an academic at Imperial College London specialising in writing AI algorithms to aid in cybersecurity and formal code verification. She convened and led the development of the cybersecurity strategy for the entire British railway industry and worked on prevention of cryptographic attacks on the European Railway Traffic Management Systems (ERTMS). She has also advised most of the major players in the UK nuclear industry on smart device security.  She is a member of the Blockchain committee of the International Standards Organisation.

Maria is the author of “The Executive Guide to Blockchain” and Chief Editor for the Journal Frontiers in Blockchain, the first peer-reviewed academic journal in the field. She holds an honorary visiting fellowship at the Department of Computing at Imperial College London.


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