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Joel Todd
Reece Jackson
Sasha Davey

Joel Todd – Media Production

Joel is studying Film Production at Staffordshire University. He has produced video and music content for various clients. Joel aims to further his experience through working with established institutions and artists. Whilst also growing and managing an emerging record label.

Reece Jackson – Interviewer

Having found that he had an aptitude for coding at an early age. Reece is currently honing his technical skills studying for a Master’s degree, in Computer Science at Imperial College, London. He is passionate about innovation and has ambitions to own a successful technology company.

Sasha Davey – Interviewer

Sasha is just completing A-Levels in; Further Maths, Maths, Chemistry and Biology at Bromley High School. She has recently set up a trading account, to learn and gain experience through conducting small trades. Sasha is passionate about sustainability and developing a career in financial services.