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Andrea Tranquillini, ISITC Europe Advisory Board
Andrea Tranquillini, CEO Advisor, EDAA

Andrea Tranquillini sits of the ISITC Europe Advisory Board.

Andrea Tranquillini is currently the CEO Advisor at Edaa, the Central Securities Depository in Saudi Arabia, belonging to Saudi Tadawul Group.

Andrea can be considered one of the main international experts of CSD matters, having worked during his professional career for 6 of them (Clearstream, Monte Titoli, globeSettle, VP Lux, ID2S and Edaa), having also been the Managing Director or CEO of three of them.

For this reason, Andrea is also invited “intuitu personae” to the European Securities and Markets Authority’s (ESMA) Post-Trade Consultative Group and has been member in the past of senior committees (Board and Executive Committee) at the ECSDA (European Central Securities Depository Association).

Andrea has an extensive experience in executive management, business strategy and in Board management, matured in the last 10+ years after more than 15 years in a variety of roles in operations, sales, network management and product development.

His focus as executive has primarily been in establishing, and changing/transforming businesses, and he has successfully brought to life the only two initiatives to date (Q3 2023)to establish new Fintech CSDs in the Eurozone. In his context, he has become very knowledgeable on  DLT, digitally native assets and tokenization and in their adoption across the value chain.

Recently, Andrea has advised the Italian authorities in the context of the implementation of the new law applying the DLT Pilot Regime that the country has recently issued and participates to panels organised by future of Finance around the globe to share knowledge with the regional industry associations.