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ISITC EUROPE CIC is establishing new forums on Blockchain DLT, Cybersecurity, Cloud Standards and Data to identify and create forums to research, develop, advise and promote best practice guidelines, white paper commentary and solution identification in support of operational efficiency and education.

DLT/Blockchain Forum
DLT/Blockchain Forum
cybersecurity forum
Cybersecurity forum
Cloud Standards Forum
Cloud Standards Forum
Data Forum
The Data Forum

Membership of each forum covers a cross section of the financial services industry and academia. ISITC Europe works closely with other Industry Associations and engages with regulatory bodies, to ensure that any outputs from these forums is distributed as widely as possible within the financial community.

Each groupĀ  is run by volunteer members, with a chair and co-chair. The secretariat is provided by a member of the ISITC Europe administration team.

The aim is to promote the output of each group by way of a series of educational and thought leadership events and publications.