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Anmol Chaudhari, ISITC Europe ESG Analyst

Anmol is ISITC Europe’s resident environment, social and governance (ESG) analyst and an active writer of blogs and articles on various aspects of ESG. He is passionate about ESG and has developed a  deep understanding of the social and corporate governance aspects, aided by experience gained in employment law through his former work. He recognizes the immense potential of ESG in various nations, including the rapidly growing BRICS nations, His motivation to work in the finance sector stems from wanting to contribute to global growth and inclusivity across industries. He believes that by adapting global regulations and frameworks and effectively utilizing financial modelling, the right products can be created to attract investors and drive positive change.

Anmol understands that there is still a significant need for research at different levels of the supply chain to define roles and address challenges. Rather than solely scrutinizing organizations for their supply chain practices and advocates for a collective effort to rectify these issues.

By studying, analyzing and writing about ESG as it pertains to the Capital Markets Anmol hopes to be able to make a profound impact and promote sustainable practices that benefit both society and the environment.

In addition to his research and studies on all things ESG related, Anmol has a BA Hons in Financial Economics and holds a CISI Level 3 Certificate in Wealth & Investment Management. He is also a prolific reader of geopolitics and excels in sport, playing Basketball at National level (IPSC National Representation), Cricket and has an orange belt in Taekwondo.

Anmol Chaudhari
Anmol Chaudhari